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Unique FAST-ACT rapidly removes a wide range of toxic chemicals and vapours including H2S, SO2 and NO2. FAST-ACT chemical vapour neutralising technology is at the heart of our products. Get more information on how FAST-ACT works here.

FAST ACT Shaker Wall Pic
Fast-Act Shaker Bottles

Ideal solution for immediate chemical spill response. Works on acids and caustics, toxics and solvents. Easy to operate portable delivery systems with no premixing or special training.

Compact containers for easy storage.Safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable dry powder formulation.

Order codes

FA15-0500 - 500g Shaker Bottle

FA15-0500WALL - Wall Unit with 1x 500g Shaker Bottle

MASKS FFP3 FA 60399 Pic 1
MASKS FFP3 FA 60399 Pic 2
VapourKlenz Disposable FFP3 Particulate EN149 Respirator

FA-60399 Technically advanced disposable respirator meets: CE European Standards classification EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 NR D.

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Order Codes

FA-60399 - 200 PCS (Contains 10 PCS x 20 boxes, each VapourKlenz mask is individually wrapped sealed).

FAST ACT Filter pic 1
Filter Cartridge

Chemical vapours or hydrocarbons are trapped on the surface of the FAST-ACT molecule and neutralised. Normal filters are only carbon and Hepa. Filters can be pads or cartridge embedded with FAST-ACT granules.

Protection of internal areas such as:

  • Accommodation
  • Offices
  • Control Rooms
  • Tank Vents
  • Manhole Filters

Soft filter or honeycomb membrane. Long life and easily retro fitted into existing HVAC's and ducting.

Order codes

FA15-1414F - Filter Cartridge 14" (35cm Sq x 2.5cm) OdourKlenz.

FAST-ACT Decontamination Mitt

Remove toxic chemical from clothes and skin. Developed for the US Military. Each soldier carries 3 mitts for personal decontamination against chemical warfare agents.

Designed to decontaminate equipment: mask/hood, gloves, footwear, weapon, helmet. Reduces cross-contamination among equipment and personnel. Minimises chemical exposure. Conveniently sized and packaged.

Order codes

792400 - Decontamination Mitt FAST-ACT Impregnated (1 pair p/pack).

FA15-DECONMIT - Decontamination Mitt FAST-ACT Impregnated (80 pairs p/ctn).

Fast Act Cylinders
Fast-Act Cylinders

Ideal solution for hazmat and chemical spill response. Effective against vapour hazards. Easy to operate portable delivery systems with no premixing and special training.

Compact containers for easy storage. Safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable dry powder formulation. Empty and full unpressurised.

FAST-ACT Full Unpressurised / Empty

1kg - 792383  792381

2kg - 794332  792331

4kg - 794333  792334

Fast Act Cylinders Bulk

Order Codes

FA15012500 - FAST-ACT Powder 125kg Drum.

FAH2S-12500G - Sulphur Scavenger Granule NaSS 125kg Drum

FAH2S-12500P - Sulphur Scavenger Powder NaSS 125kg Drum

FA15-5000 - FAST-ACT Powder 5kg Bucket c/w Scoop