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Clean Stream Technologies supplies the full range of GloveOn® nitrile gloves. Talk to us for information on these products.

Aegis mGloveOn® Aegis

A thicker glove with extended cuff which offers greater hand barrier protection and chemical resistance.

  • Sterilised with gamma radiation
  • Suitable for handling chemotherapy*
  • Long cuff length
  • Suitable to use for aseptic technique

Alexa mGloveOn® Alexa

The tougher and stronger solution distinguished by its gauntlet cuff that extends to 500mm.

  • Suitable for handling chemotherapy*
  • Good chemical resistance profile
  • Lab chemicals tested

Celeste mGloveOn® Celeste

Provides high tensile strength and resistance to chemicals with superior tactility.

  • Suitable for handling chemotherapy*
  • Good chemical resistance profile
  • Fingertip textured

COATS Nitrile mGloveOn® COATS® Nitrile

  • Suitable for handing chemotherapy*
  • High tensile strength
  • Lab chemical tested
  • Powder-free

Eureka mGloveOn® Eureka

Experience absolute dexterity, comfort fitting and all the properties of a quality nitrile glove, every time.

  • Fingertip textured
  • Powder free
  • Ambidextrous

Matador mGloveOn® Matador

Built with quality, consistency, and reliability in an 8 mil nitrile glove.

  • Strong and thick
  • Long cuff length
  • Ideal for CSSD and cleaning

Maverick LC mGloveOn® Maverick LC

The all-rounder glove is thicker with an extended cuff length to suit situations which require greater protection.

  • Suitable for handling chemotherapy*
  • Long cuff length
  • All round performance

Paladin mGloveOn® Paladin

  • Nitrile Exam Gloves
  • Powder Free
  • Non-Sterile
  • Fingertip textured
  • Long Cuff
  • Cobalt Blue

Reflex mGloveOn® Reflex

The affordable alternative to vinyl gloves and has been made with aged care and hospitality workers in mind.

  • Ambidextrous
  • Standard cuff
  • Translucent blue colour

Vigor LC mGloveOn® Vigor LC

Designed for robustness and hardiness with a longer cuff. The vibrant choice of orange highlights its uniqueness and suitability for industrial and hospitality markets.

  • UL certified to meet NFPA 1999
  • Extended cuff
  • Distinctive vibrant orange colour