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Fast-Act Applications

Unique chemical vapour neutralising technology. Removes  toxic chemical vapours including H2S, SO2 and NO2.

Wellhead H2S Removal (Onshore/Offshore)
CST WasteManAdvert 200x135 FA 3

Advanced Gas Sweetening

Portable sweetening for gas to power. Gas sweetening skid.

01 gas sweetening skid

Each system is designed and scaled bespoke to each field condition.
This skid mounted unit was designed for low pressure, high flow gas stream with 300ppm H2S.

Systems are scaled to Field Conditions and Power Required

01 chart


Advanced Filter Neutralisation

Using Destructive Adsorption Filtration Technology
02 filters

Chemical vapours or hydrocarbons are trapped on the surface of the FAST-ACT molecule and neutralised. Normal filters are only carbon and Hepa. Filters can be pads or cartridge embedded with FAST-ACT granules.

Protection of internal areas such as:

•Control Rooms
•Tank vents •Manhole filters

Soft filter or honeycomb membrane. Long life and easily retro fitted into existing HVAC’s and ducting.


Eliminate Toxic Vapours at Source

Vapour return line efficiency - Portable
04 vapour return


Personal Protection Against Chemicals

Personal Decontamination


Remove toxic chemical from clothes and skin. Developed for the US Military. Each soldier carries 3 mitts for personal decon against chemical warfare agents.


Hazmat Response Using Chemistry

Immediate Hazmat Vapour Response

06 hazmat vapour

FAST-ACT is the ONLY technology that can discharged directly into a toxic chemical vapour for adsorption and removal/neutralisation of hazardous vapours.

Confined Space Hazmat Response
06 hazmat vapour

Toxic chemical vapour releases in confined spaces, cargo tanks and containers.

Fast-Act - The only product available to directly discharge into, and neutralise vapour.

06 hazmat vapour

FAST-ACT is directly injected into a tank or confined area to adsorb any vapours and coat the surface to prevent off-gassing. FAST-ACT will settle and can be rinsed off and cleaned with water. Meets IMO / GESAMP requirements for the marine environment.