Certified by Lloyd's Register

Certified by Lloyd's Register

FAST-ACT technology has a wide range of applications in the oil & gas industry, neutralising toxic vapour including H2S and SO2.

Advanced Gas Sweetening

Eliminate and neutralise emissions from toxic and H2S vapours.

Advanced Filter Neutralisation

Using FAST-ACT specially designed filters, vapours can be adsorbed and neutralised.

VapourKlenz Respirators

Take a look at the new VAPOURKLENZ™ disposable respirator.

Eliminate Toxic Vapours at Source 

Remove toxic vapour from tanks and vent lines. 

Personal Protection Against Chemicals

Remove toxic chemical from clothes and skin.

Hazmat Response Using Advanced Chemistry

Bulk powder and pressurised cylinders.


Fast-Act Facts

fast act facts

• Non toxic

• Insoluble in water

• Available in granular, powder, liquid filter delivery

• 5 year shelf life

• Cleans with water flush

• Effective in minutes

• Chemical vapours are converted to a non-hazardous product for ease of disposal.

• Hydrocarbon vapours adsorbed in minutes.

• IMO/Gesamp approved

• Lloyds PVS 1400001 certified